What To Expect At Your BLS Skills Session

What To Expect At Your BLS Skills Session


For those who seek BLS certification through the American Heart Association's Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers Blended (online-based) course, the BLS Skills Session is an opportunity to practice and test the necessary hands-on skills with one of our helpful instructors. The blended course is a 3-part process to certification.

  • Part 1 - eLearning and simulation on any web-connected computer
  • Part 2 - In-person skills practice
  • Part 3 - In-person skills testing
Prior to attending a Skills Session, the participant should have completed Part 1 of the the 3-part process. Upon completion, the participant should print their Certificate of Completion and bring it with them to give their instructor.




Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by one of our friendly AHA instructors. You'll then be asked to present your Part 1 Certificate of Completion.

We're focused on your understanding and success, so your instructor will ask if there was any aspect of the course for which you have questions. Take this opportunity to address any topics that may not be clear.

Your instructor will work with you to make sure you're comfortable performing the following skills:

You'll then be given an "in-hospital" adult BLS scenario so you can practice these skills in sequence. Following this opportunity to practice, your instructor will test your skills by asking you to perform the scenario without any assistance or intervention from the instructor.

Once the adult check-off is complete, you'll then follow the same process for the infant skills and scenario.

Shhhhhhhhh...don't tell anyone (just kidding), but we've included the adult and infant BLS check-off sheet to assist you in preparing for a successful check-off:

BLS Adult Skills Testing.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 537.8 KB
BLS Infant Skills Testing.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 936.1 KB

Upon successful completion of your BLS Skills Session, you will have earned your 2-year American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers certification. At CarePoint Resources, our hope is that this information aides you in preparing for a smooth and confident check-off experience!

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