AED Program Management Setup Guide 


You've made an excellent choice in managing your AED program with OnPoint.  We are confident OnPoint will be a valuable asset by helping you maintain an effective and compliant AED program. 

Below, you'll find helpful information for setting up and maintaining your account.  If you have any questions, however, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Logging In

As the AED Program Manager, you will receive an email with instructions for setting up your individual account/login.

The login page can be found at

Initial Setup

When you log in, you'll see the main header as shown above.  The three tabs next to "Dashboard" are listed in the order of importance.  For instance, a program site must be created before personnel is added, and both of those must exist to add an AED under the "Equipment" tab.

Program Sites

A program site is generally considered any "roof" that an AED would be housed under.  This could be individual buildings or a vehicle.  We recommend setting up a separate site for each vehicle or structure AEDs will be assigned to.  For example: "Admin Building," "Warehouse," "Patrol Unit 305"

Agency Notification/Registration

Many states have laws that require notification of the state and/or local EMS agencies upon placement of an AED.  Choose the appropriate response for each AED.


The "Personnel" tab is where you'll enter anyone who plays a part in your AED program and assign them to their specific role.


Program Manager: You or anyone to which you delegate overall management of the AED program.  The Program Manager will receive email notification of:
  • any AED in need of maintenance
  • any AED that has not had its monthly inspection logged
  • any personnel whose training is nearing expiration.
Site Manager: If you have multiple AEDs in a single site and want to designate someone to oversee that site, you can assign someone as a "Site Manager." The Site Manager will receive notification of any AED assigned to their site in need of maintenance or any AED assigned to their site that has not had its monthly inspection logged.

AED Inspector: Each AED must have an "AED Inspector" assigned to it when it is initially entered.  If the Program Manager will perform all monthly AED inspections, then he/she will be assigned to each AED unit.  AED Inspectors will be notified by email 7-days, 3-days, and 1-day prior to the next scheduled AED inspection.

Trained Personnel: Anyone in your AED Program who has received formal training but does not hold any other role in the AED program (i.e. Site Manager, AED Inspector...etc.) should be added as "Trained Personnel." This will allow the Program and Site Managers to enter/monitor training records and receive email alerts when certifications are nearing expiration.

Note: After adding new personnel to your program, be sure to click "Invite to OnPoint AED Program Management" to send an account setup email to the individual.


The "Equipment" tab is where users can view all AEDs assigned to them.  From here, AED maintenance/inspection logs can be entered and AED units can be added/updated.

AED Inspections

Monthly AED inspections are easily performed by assigned AED Inspectors from desktop or mobile devices by logging in and adding a log for that AED unit under the "Equipment" tab.