How To Set Up For Your CPR LIVE! Remote Skills Session

Recommendations for an easy and effective Remote Skills Session.


Be sure to set up in a well lit area. An ideal setup would place the main light-source behind the video device. Avoid having a bright light or window positioned behind the participant.


A video-enabled laptop is preferred over other devices. If not available, a desktop PC with a camera or mobile device can be used.

Ideal positioning is 2' to 3' off of the ground pointing downward toward the manikin. The focal point of the screen should be the manikin head and chest. The participant should still be able to see the screen.

If this positioning is not possible, the device can be placed at ground level as long as manikin chest and head are in view and the screen is viewable by the participant.


  • - Click the ZOOM link included in your email to join your session about 5 minutes prior to the planned start-time.
  • - Join the session with both video and audio enabled.
  • - Make sure the volume on your device is turned up.
  • - Be sure to have all of the equipment within reach.
  • - Your instructor will lead you through a series of skills practices and testing.